My name is Karl Fischer and I am a Software Engineer from Germany.

I am currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Project A Ventures in Berlin, but in the past besides Germany have also studied/worked in Finland, Spain and China.

Currently, my main focus is on different kinds of automation in cloud and bare metal infrastructures (for both, micro service and monolith architectures). This includes automating the rollout of cloud infrastructures, provisioning bare metal servers with configuration management tools and building continuous delivery pipelines for containerized or packaged applications. In general I am always happy if I get the chance to experiment with new technologies. If time allows, I also enjoy some Java Back-End feature development, but lately I am actually closer to the SysOps universe of building, monitoring and operating clusters.

Besides programming, I try my best learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Also, I love playing classical guitar, especially Flamenco.